Alcohol Free High Protein Beer - 10g of protein per can - 12 x 330ml

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0.0% ABV
Truly alcohol free beer meaning no fear of a hangover.
10g of protein
Each can of Lifted is enriched with 10 grams of plant based protein.
Only 73 Calories
Fewer calories than most regular beers it's a healthy way to drink beer and get protein.
For the moments that matter
Recover and rebuild without compromise.

High Protein Alcohol Free Beer

A truly Alcohol Free Beer containing 10g of plant based protein per can for only 73 calories. 

Lifted is beer at it’s best, delivering all the satisfaction of a delicious crisp and refreshing beer, whilst being low calorie and high in protein.

It's a guilt free beverage, enhancing feel good moments without compromising healthy living.

Lifted is the perfect choice for a chilled night after the gym, for sun-downers after a bike ride and socialising with friends.

Stay hangover free and make the most of your days without compromise.

Recover & Rebuild

Consuming protein after exercise helps build muscle and gets you ready to go back stronger for your next workout.

Each 330ml can of Lifted contains 7g of carbs to help you replenish the muscle glycogen that you burned during your workout.

Every can of Lifted contains 10g of protein to effectively stimulate muscle protein synthesis—the process that helps promote the muscle repair and growth after exercise.

More reasons to chose Lifted beer

  • 100% Vegan beer - Our protein is plant based and our beer is always vegan.
  • 0% Alcohol - unlike most other AF beers our brewing process does not create any alcohol whatsoever so you can rest assured all Lifted beer contains no alcohol at all.
  • Full of flavour - Malted barley and noble hops gives Lifted Lager a flavour that stands out from the crowd yet blends in with the best.


Our blend of hops is a combination of Perle and Hallertau Mittelfruh both of which are noble lager hops. This makes our beer slightly malty yet light and refreshing with hints of floral and citrus to finish.

Ingredients: Water, Malted Barley, Hops, Pea, Potassium Sorbate


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Beer with benefits. Try the UK's only 0% beer that contains 10g of protein per can.

Just finished working out but don’t fancy chugging a creamy shake alone in the corner, why not try having a beer with friends instead? Even better, let's make that beer alcohol free and containing 10g of protein per can. That way you won’t undo all the good work you’ve just done.

Why? After working out what's more refreshing than an ice cold beer. Think about it….it’s strange that after exercise you drink something that is milky and bloats you out.

With more and more people turning to alcohol free alternatives, we created a beer that gives nutritional purpose to drinking along with the satisfaction of drinking an ice cold beer.

Lifted Lager is the UK’s only high protein alcohol free beer, this means you can enjoy 2-4 cans and get the perfect protein hit all while enjoying a beer. What could be better than that?

Unlike lots of other beers, we are totally vegan and we use sustainable plant protein too. In a world where we are trying to reduce our meat intake in order to help save the planet, Lifted offers an alternative protein source that’s suitable for everyone.

The beer of the future

Lifted is at the forefront of alcohol free beer innovation, we are changing the game and are the only beer brand that enriches every can with 10 grams of plant based protein.

Movement is in our blood, we are dynamic and inclusive, we make conscious decisions to put our planet and people at the heart of what we do, ensuring that Lifted is engineered for the consumer demands of the future and designed for the health conscious consumer of today.