Our Story

Where it all started...

Lifted Beer was born after a great workout when you know you need the functionality of protein shake but all you really want is an ice cold beer. As Crossfitters, gym-goers and outdoor enthusiasts, we know that feeling all too well and we knew there had to be a solution.

That’s why we started working on Lifted, we wanted to create an alcohol free beer that tasted great and actually had post workout benefits for your body rather than ruining your recovery. We knew it wouldn’t be easy, and some people thought we were mad, but just like our beer, we don’t like to compromise.

After months of formulating, brewing and tasting with our head brewer, we finally knew we had created the perfect end to any workout.

Now we’re on a mission, a mission to bring Lifted to the fitness world. Whether you’re a professional sports person, a gym goer or outdoor adventurer, you don’t have to compromise on those post sport celebrations. You can have it all with a crisp refreshing can of Lifted.